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Wauchope Field Day preorder specials.

Due to the limited capacity we have to transport stock to the field day thanks to the ongoing car issues, we have released two coupons for attendees only to allow for significant savings on preorders.

  1. Must be pre-ordered by this Friday to get the discount, don’t need to be prepaid as our system has “collect at Hamfest” and pay later options, however payment by credit card/paypal or Afterpay is available, they can even pay cash on the day.

  2. There are two codes:

  3. ORACFD35 -  35% off all connectors and adaptors only.

  4. ORAC15 - 15% off everything on  the site.

  5. Coupons cannot be stacked, so it’s one or the other per order. You can do multiple orders using different codes.

Attendees must collect at the field day, only exception is out of stock or preorder items that will be sent after the event, there will be no cost for postage in that case. We will be at the event only on the Saturday.

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