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Easter/Redfest Sale & resumption of Anytone 578 sales


Happy Easter, we are pleased to report we are now having a sale over the next 6 days on many products. Stocks are limited and there are significant savings to be had. Our new warehouse is up so shipping should be back to its usual same business day in most cases. More products will be added over the next 24 hours from most if not all categories. Attendees at Redfest can always click and collect.


After almost 18 months it looks like our recent China trip has been fruitfull, with the insurance cover for our mobile shipment being settled late this week. The shipment that went missing in China customs had a value of over $30000, which we prepaid, and the loss of that cashflow has been a significant blow for our business and unfortunately affected our efficiency and range. Those that were waiting on radios were in some cases refunded out of cash flow but others have been patiently waiting (in most cases), thank you. Refunds or radios will be with you over the next four weeks, and we are looking at ways of giving those preferential treatment in future in appreciation for your patience.

Unlike many in business we don't hide behind a company that can easily be liquidated at the cost to suppliers & customers, we stand behind what we sell!


PayPal is back online, we are also looking to add Klarna and Alipay this week as well.


We do not sell radios to non amateur radio licence holders and require the details of your licence on every order that has transmitting gear. It has always been our policy to provide transmitting equipment to licenced amateurs only, and have requested proof for every sale via a request for licence details as part of the ordering process. The details are then checked to ensure they match those held in the ACMAs  register of radio communication licences, specifically name and locality. Should details not match we cancel the sale and refund monies paid. The sale of such equipment is not our primary source of income, it is in fact to provide a local source of professionally built equipment for the amateur market as a convenience to said amateurs and represents a very small number of sales, which we collect GST on behalf of the government.

 We expect all amateurs to read, understand and operate that equipment as per the Amateur Licence Condition Determination which sets out the details that a station can be operated under. The term “operated”, for the purposes of the LCD, means to cause a transmitter to transmit or cease to transmit. (LCD Link )

The primary tenets of the Amateur Radio service are technical investigation, experimentation and self-training, hence it has been established on numerous occasions both formally and informally with the ACMA  that Australian standards for radio communications equipment are not applicable to amateur stations. There are no specific standards for equipment that is manufactured specifically for the world wide amateur market, however we are aware as are all amateurs that there are specific general technical conditions that apply to every amateur licence that can be found in the LCD.

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