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The sliding adjuster is used to replace the adjustment screws and plugs on the original jpc-7 and pac-12, making it simple and lightweight to adjust the standing wave. Just slide the slider

A complete set of slide adjusters includes:

Copper chrome-plated fixed seat 2 sliders 1 shrapnel 2 stacked together, the elastic force is large and the contact is reliable

1 stainless steel rod, 2 fixing screws, 1 insulating seat

A special wrench

The full set of accessories does not include the induction coil and other things on the picture, the picture is only for reference

Replacing the original plug-in method:

Remove the original plug wire, keep the screw used to fix the plug wire--(Because there is a plug wire to be fixed, the length of the screw is a bit long), and then remove the Phillips screw that fixes the coil on the side of the coil without the screw , Pay attention to pressing the stainless steel coil with your hands, it will be troublesome if you don't loosen it, then fix one of the chrome-plated seats of the sliding adjuster (the one with the insulating seat) to the removed screws with the assigned stainless steel screws, and then install it. Insulation seat, screw the threaded side of the stainless steel rod to the other fixed seat, clip the shrapnel to the slider, and thread the slider to the stainless steel rod. At this time, you can manually remove the coil on the side of the screw. The cross fixing screw is removed, and the head of the stainless steel coil is also pressed by hand - be careful not to let go, it will be very troublesome to rewind the coil if it is scattered. After removing it, insert the other end of the prepared stainless steel rod into the fixed seat where the insulating seat was installed before. At the same time, pay attention to the direction of the slider and the shrapnel, so that the shrapnel is next to the coil. It is recommended that the opening side of the shrapnel face the coil with the screw Direction, just fix the fixing seat on the loading coil with screws ------- Note that the original gasket is not used, so that the height is just right

PAC-12 Spare Slider

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