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NanoVNA-F RF demo kit is a demo kit designed for learners of radio frequency network analysis. 


Demo kit also has built-in directional multi-segment antenna, which can be used for signal reception and transmission. The measurement frequency range is set on the network analyzer, and the adapter cable is used to connect the network analyzerto the calibrator on demo kit for calibration. Then the RF network measurement experiment can be carried out.


Vector network analyzer learner tool including:

1. RLC circuit

2. RLC circuit

3. 33 ohm resistance, SWR=1.54.

4. 75 ohm resistance, SWR=1.55.

5. BSF Ceramic Notch, Centre Freq = 6.5MHz

6. BPF Ceramic Filter, Centre Freq = 10.7MHz

7. RC series circuit

8. LC series circuit

9. Single capacitance

10. Single inductance

11. Homemade low-pass filter, 3dB bandwidth 400MHz

12. Homemade high-pass filter, 3dB bandwidth 500MHz

13. Short Circuit

14. Open Circuit

15. 50 ohm Circuit

16. Through Circuit

17. 10dB attenuation circuit

18. 3dB attenuation circuit


RF Demo Kit:
- Made of fine quality material, practical, has a long service life.
- Compact and lightweight, easy to operate and use.
- This is a vector network analyzer learner tool.
- Can be used with NanoVNA-F to measure 6.5M ceramic notch filter.
- Can be used with NanoVNA-F to measure homemade low-pass-filter, 3dB bandwidth about 400MHz.

Nano VNA Demo PCB

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