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Product description

DeepSDR 101 is a DSP digital demodulation radio based on SDR software-defined radio architecture. It has a 192kHz width spectrogram and waterfall display capabilities, and cooperates with 16bit sampling to realize a high dynamic receiver with CW, AM, SSB, FM demodulation functions. The whole machine adopts an all-aluminum alloy CNC shell, with a 4.3-inch 800x480 resolution high-brightness IPS LCD display, while maintaining a compact and compact body.
Immediately take it to the outdoors, enjoy the natural scenery and the fun of listening anytime, anywhere!

Basic parameters

Display technology:  4.3-inch IPS 800x480 resolution DC dimming bright LCD
Control method:    resistive touch screen + rotary encoder
Frequency range:   100k – 149MHz
Working mode:    CW, AM, SSB single sideband (LSB/USB), WFM, FM broadcast stereo (requires earphones)
Step frequency:    1Hz/10Hz/100Hz/1kHz/10kHz/100kHz/1MHz/10MHz
Spectral bandwidth:  192kHz, 128kHz, 64kHz, FFT real-time spectrum display
Antenna interface:   BNC male, impedance 50Ω, maximum input power -20dBm
Reference crystal:   TCXO 26MHz ±0.5ppm
Audio interface:    support ordinary 3.5mm earphone or CTIA (American Standard) interface earphone
Speaker power:    maximum 3W, 4Ω multimedia speaker
Charging port:    USB Type-C, 5.0V/2A
Current consumption: about 250mA @ 5V
Battery capacity:    5000mAh/3.7V, 18.5Wh
Use time:       about 10-12 hours, depending on the volume and brightness settings of the machine
Channel saving:    99 channels can be preset, preset radio station name, station frequency and demodulation mode
Body size:       136 x 74 x 22mm (L x W x H) (without protrusions)
Body weight:      about 310g (host only)

Receiver parameters

RF preamp gain:    fixed 20dB
Circuit Type:      Zero IF ZIF
Sideband suppression: ≥ 55dB

Test conditions:  50 ohm input impedance, preamp 20dB on, AGC on

Display control item list

Twelve items that can be selected by the encoder
1. Channel selection :       1-99
2. Frequency setting :       100k – 149MHz, minimum step 1Hz
3. Speaker volume(SPK) :      0 ~ 35dB, 1dB step
4. Earphone volume(EAR) :     0 ~ 35dB, 1dB step
5. Modulation :          CW, LSB, USB, AM, WFM, STE(FM stereo), I/Q
6. AGC setting :          OFF, SLOW, MID, FAST
7. Reference level(REF) :      -99 ~ 99dB, 1dB step
8. Backlight brightness(LCD) :   1% ~ 99%
9. IF GAIN :            -12 ~ 67dB, 1dB step
10. Spectrum style settings :     Green fill, Green line, Blue fill, White line
11. Spectrum bandwidth settings :  RF spectrum (192kHz, 128kHz, 64kHz) and Audio spectrum (64kHz)
12. Waterfall area settings:    Waterfall or Waveform (x1 / x8 / x64 amplitude)

Five items not selectable by the encoder
A. battery level display
B. date and time settings
C. radio information display: preset radio name capability
D. display of current spectrum bandwidth
E. (POWER) input power display

Receiver Block Diagram

This product realizes frequency mixing based on the Tayloe Quadrature Product Detector method. The clock generator Si5351 generates two quadrature square wave signals with variable frequency as excitation, and realizes an ultra-low noise ZIF zero-IF receiver. The IQ signal obtained after mixing is output to the CODEC and collected by the MCU, and the DSP algorithm in the MCU completes the demodulation and display of the signal.
Tayloe mixer references:
Ultra Low Noise, High Performance, Zero IF Quadrature Product Detector and Preamplifier

Attention points

1. The machine adopts SDR architecture. If there is a strong broadcasting station near you, the phenomenon of mirror radio may appear.
2. The input impedance of the antenna interface is 50Ω. For the medium wave radio, it is recommended to connect a dedicated medium wave loop antenna for better listening effect.
3. Please pay attention to the volume setting of the earphone (EAR) before using the earphone to listen to avoid discomfort caused by excessive volume.

Supported frequency bands and coverage


Shipping list

1. DeepSDR101 4.3-inch screen unit x1
2. USB-A to USB Type-C cable x1
3. BNC rod antenna x1 (expanded length 70CM, closed length 14CM)
4. Quick Start Guide x1
5. 4.3 inch screen protector film 1
6. Foldable machine stand x1
7. Resistive screen touch pen x1
8. EVA material protective bag x1

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