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D3000N Super Discone Antennas are ultra-wideband antennas covering amateur radio, commercial 2-way, cellular, air traffic control, public safety, and various utility-frequency bands. The ultra-wideband design permits 25 to 3000 MHz receiving and 50-1200 MHz transmitting. The 6-meter band is tunable for best transmit SWR.

The compact and lightweight design enables these antennas to be installed on balcony railings or in tight spaces on towers. They're ideal for transmitting on 2-meters, 220, 70-centimeters, 33-centimeters, and the 23-centimeter amateur bands, so you can pump up to 200 watts into these antennas! Because of the tunable 6-meter loading coil, the power rating on 6-meters is 20 watts FM or 50 watts PEP.

These antennas may be made further compact and lightweight by removing the top loading coil if 25-50 MHz operation is not required and improves the performance of the antenna.


Bands:25-3000 MHz
Gain dBi:2 (nominal)
Max Power Rating:144 MHz up: 200 watts
6m: 20 watts FM, 50 watts PEP
Connector:Type-N or UHF Female (SO239)
Element Phasing:Wideband Discone

Remarks: Adjustable 50-54 MHz

D3000 Discone

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