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The core design data of this tune comes from the automatic tune open source project of its original author N7DDC.




The finished kit is purely hand-soldered, provides 3.2 program support with SSD1306 controller, a resolution of 128x32 pixels, and a 0.91-inch diagonal monochrome OLED display. This circuit contains a set of 7 inductors and 7 capacitors, which allows it to work in a wider frequency range, effectively covering the amateur radio range from 1.8MHz to 50MHz.




Technical Characteristics (Base Model)


Allowable supply voltage range: 10-15VDC


Maximum current consumption: 400 mA


Maximum working power: 100W


Maximum possible measured power: 150W


Minimum power required to start tuning: 5W


Minimum possible measured power: 0.1W


Measurement resolution up to 10W: 0.1W


Measurement resolution for power greater than 10 watts: 1W


Power measurement accuracy error: ±10%


Maximum installation inductance: 8.53H inductance


Minimum installation step: 0.05H


Maximum installed capacity: 1869 pF


Minimum Capacitor Installation Step: 10 pF


Typical consumption 100-200 mA





ATU-100 0-30MHz Antenna Tuner Direct Ship

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