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Now released, very low prodiction numbers with some 100 in December worldwide.


The BT Microphone, when turned on, allows the selection of wireless Bluetooth connection or a connection to the D578UV radios via a coiled 2 feet microphone cable. The wireless Bluetooth connection is one step better than a mobile radio with a removable front as there is no cable between the radio and the microphone.

The BT Microphone is small enough to be able to be held in a vehicle with a stand- ard cell phone adapter. The radio can be mounted anywhere else, including in the trunk of the vehicle. The size of the BT Microphone is 4.25” x 2.5” x 1”, and can even be carried 30 feet away from the radio. The BT Microphone has a large 2.5 inch display, larger then the radio itself. All the radio functions can be seen on this display. The built-in speaker offers a clear sound from a caller just like the radio. You can either use only the BT Microphone speaker or via the menu select both speakers to be functional.

On the left side is the PTT control and 3 additional buttons. On the right side, be- hind a rubber cover, is a headphone/microphone connector as well as a type “C” USB connector for charging the built-in battery. The battery will power the unit for more than 12 hours on a charge. In addition there is a slot for a memory card which is TBD at this time. On top of the BT Microphone are three buttons, two for frequency/channel/volume up or down, and one for turning the BT Microphone on/ off or to change between the other two button functions.

The two lights on the upper front shows charging status, power on and transmit on. The operation of the BT Microphone allows full control of the radio, and makes the D578UV radio buttons useless while in Bluetooth mode. The operation is very simi- lar to the radio itself and all this happens via a wireless Bluetooth link—a new in- vention from AnyTone which should make AT-D578UV owners extremely happy.

The AnyTone development of this BT Microphone has taken years to master all the Bluetooth capabilities and features to be able to offer this unit. A separate Blue- tooth PTT button—also paired with the radio—will allow totally handsfree operation while driving a vehicle as required by many countries.

Anytone AT578 Bluetooth Microphone stock due mid April

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