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1. This antenna tuner has the built-in standing wavemeter and power meter, support display of standing wavevalue, forward power and reverse power, which makes it has multiple functions.
2. This antenna tuner support multiple radio stations and antennas such as dipole, long-line, end-feed, and vehicle shortwave antennas, etc.
3. The frequency ranges is 1.8MHz-30MHz.
4. Instead of directly applying open-source files, it has been completely designed to solve the problems of screen, random code and standing waves.
5. Built in high-power active buzzer, when the button is pressed or the standing waves exceeds the set value, the automatic sound "drip --" will sound, timely remind the user to pay attention to the current standing waves, and once the product is hung at the antenna feeding place on the tree, the sound is still clear.
6. The system has built-in 29 groups of storage bits (20 groups of automatic storage + 9 groups of user storage bits). When tuning, AI intelligent adapts 29 groups of storage bits to achieve the second adjustment.
7. This product adopts 0.91 inch OELD display screen, which can display the tuning status, the power value, standing waves value, parameter adjustment and other functions, so that you can quickly use the product and obtain more functions.
8. Built-in large capacity lithium battery to supplys power, so you can recharge it in time, the LED indicator is red during recharging and green when fully charged.
9. The power ranges of 1-18Mhz or SSB/CW is 0.1W-100W, and of 18-30Mhz or FM/AM/FT8 is 0.1W-50W.
10. Supporting over discharge and overcharge protections, which can greatly prolong the service time of the tool.

Material: metal
Frequency ranges: 1.8MHz-30MHz
Power ranges:
1-18mhz or SSB/CW: 0.1W-100W
18-30mhz or FM/AM/FT8: 0.1W-50W
Working power: Max 3W
Recharging current: 5v1A
Shutdown current: about 15uA
Startup standby: about 13mA
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 3300mAh (included)
Package size: 139 * 74 * 29mm / 5.5 * 2.9 * 1.1in
Package weight: 370g / 13.1ounce

Antuner AT100M (QRP to 100W)

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AU$129.00Sale Price
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