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We have movement!

A quick stock update.

Finally some relief with stock, we have Anytone 878s and Retevis RT95 (Anytone 778s) on their way! We also now have in stock PAC 12s. We will have these available for all back orders with some to spare so have reopened sales.

Our mobile shipments are still in a black hole of customs in China and we are looking at alternative sourcing.

We wont be shipping from Dec 19, originally coming back with the rest of the world Jan 9, as we expect the Anytone stock probably arriving after their usual Fedex tour of Asia around Dec 26 we are looking at coming back early to get those radios out to our patient customers.

Phew, here’s hoping it’s a sign of things returning to normal and a great new year (although the cancellation of Wyong next year is a bummer)!

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