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Stock Update - October 10 2021

Stock Update

Good Morning, with the Golden Week Holidays now done with in China we should once again see stock flowing in.

Anytone - We had not factored in the holiday for our Anytone eta so this will be delayed a few days. 578s and AT-6666s in stock, no more AT-6666 production this year, what we have is it. 868 basic and plus also in stock, around 40 868UVIIs coming.

TYT - dual and quad band radios in a week, also stocks of the popular MD UV380 including GPS on their way, cheaper than Retevis. Also good stocks (100+) on the UV88 sub $50 twinbander on their way in the same air shipment.

Retevis- in run out mode, we wont stock this brand now given they are usually a rebadge of another cheaper radio, and dont offer anyting extra inc support.

Avair - AV600 and triplexers (35/38) a week away.

Nana VNA F and Tiny Sa both two weeks.

A large seafreight shipment of QJE PSUs is due mid month, hopefully into Brisbane so we dont have to rely on freight from Sydney or Melbourne which is problematic.

CZH Powerpole products - doing a new order now for airfreight.

23cm/70cm yagis - new shipment ordered but will be 6 weeks, too big for airfreight, and sea freight has increased so a price rise of $10.

Freight - our new store may have the odd issue with freight, please let us know if you see anything odd such as $27 freight for a couple of connectors. Our chat facility goes to email if we are not online so we dont miss any messages.

Finally a big thank you to the overwhelming response to our one day hamfest, we shipped what we could Friday. A large number of base station antennas will go tomorrow as we need to pack these in plastic tubing. If you are intending on going to a hamfest in the near future we will be at, please bring along the tubing for a $10 refund, that way we can reuse them, otherwise they make great fishing pole carriers! Our local bunnings thinks we are a plumber, while the caps we use are made at Plastec Caloundra, literally next door to our warehouse #buylocal .…/tyt-th-uv88-dual-band-hand-held

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