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So what is 5DFB cable?

One of the most common questions we get is what is 5D-FB cable? It's coaxial cable that is double shielded, consisting of bonded Aluminium Foil and Tinned Copper covered by a braided copper or aluminium wire. Its thinner than RG8 or LL400 which allows for easier handling and flexibility while offering good attentuation figures.

Product Description

  • Conductor: 1.80mm Bare Copper or Copper Clad Steel

  • Dielectric: 5.0mm Foam PE

  • Shield:5.20mm Bonded Aluminum Foil,Tinned Copper Wire Braid (70%)

  • Jacket: 7.5mm PVC or PE

One of the annoying things with trying to work out what is your best cable option, with loss figures for options often not using similar frequencies to make a comaprison. We have taken the step to put our options in a table with common amateur frequencies:

We are now carrying 5D-FB 1M patch leads as well as longer runs up to 20M ex stock.

Avair Price Increases

Avair have advised us that effective Jan 1 prices will rise by up to 10%, this is inline with many suppliers as the semiconductor shortage and significant freight costs imact supply lines. We will not raise prices on existing stock which is our standard policy.

Raspberry PI Shortage

Raspberry PIs are expected to remain scarce until mid next year, this is impacting hotspot supplies.

December Specials

Our December specials will be online this weekend, keep an eye out for them.

Christmas Holidays

Seasons Greetings to all our customers and subscribers, we hope you get a chance to have a bit of a relax after a hard year, and get to tinker with that latest toy or project. We are not taking a break and in fact look forward to a hamfest late December in Warrnambool, filling a nice hole in the schedule!

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