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Pricing & Stock Update

Freight costs continue to rise while delays extend due to port space and container shortages. For the time being we are putting a pause on ordering new Antenna stock, as replacement stock would be double the current price thanks to freight costs and a falling dollar. Chip shortages continue to impact us as well, we will honor preorder pricing for stock on the way but most radios will go up 20-30% in the near future. In short, if you are thinking about a product that is in stock, its likely to be a bargain compared to future stock if we can get it. A steel shortage is also impacting connectors/adaptors, 30-40% price increases flowing through.


TYT order has been on its way for weeks, last tracking shows it leaving Hong Kong, heading to Japan, then to Vietnam, finally landing in Guangzhou two days later, some 126kms from Hong Kong!

Antenna Tuners, SWR/Power meters, VNAs etc are all on the slow boat.

Anytone shipment leaving Monday, hopefully wont do a scenic tour.


Great pricing on a range of power supplies while stocks last. We have also got the two and three way Coax switches on sale for those that missed Wyong, along with some mobile antenna specials. Avair AV-201 and AV-1000 meters are also on sale.

Hamfest Activity

We will be at the Sunshine Coast Car Boot sale on the 29th May and then Port Macqaurie for the field days over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. We will be closing from June 14 until July 2 as we head overseas on Business.

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