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Preparing for a busy April

Yesterday we gratefully accepted an invitation to participate in the Urunga Convention over Easter in NSW. With that event added to the calendar, we now have 4 events in a row for April, a remarkable change from the past 12 weeks of not having any!

With the slow down since Christmas caused by Omicron, and Chinese New Year, we have held off restocking a lot of lines. While freight costs have dropped, many of our products are shipping through Hong Kong, and the territory is currently suffering a severe COVID outbreak. As a result air freight has 2-3 week delays, while our sea shipments are taking 4 weeks to be loaded onto the boat. Our Anytone shipments are now likely to arrive early March, while coax and batteries will probably start arriving late March. Antennas should also be mid March.

Locally, things have not been easy, our QTH like many on the Sunshine Coast was flooded, thankfully only the basement car park was affected, and our warehouses are dry. Our courier for Antennas was under a 90cm of water, so it may be a little while before they recover, luckily our last shipments missed the weather there by a few days.

Work continues on the website, with new products and tidying up. Our store provider Wix seems to promote paypal checkout, this is not the only way customers can pay as we accept credit cards as well as Afterpay and direct deposit. I also occasionally get an inquiry from a customer that has bought multiple items but only received one package, Wix does allow multiple shipments and it sends shipping advices for each shipment. This often happens when antennas are ordered with other items, I think Australia post has managed to split every shipment where we have sent two parcels to the same address!

In the meantime please take care and stay safe and dry. Anyone for Aqua Golf?

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