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Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and we hope next year we will see improved conditions for shipments.

Availability Update

Anytone are doing a second production run of the blue tooth microphone for the 578. Once again production is in very small numbers and stock will be scarce, we believe 100 or so will ship in January for the entire world.

Mobile radios are still stuck in customs, we are hoping for movement soon, 878s are on the way, just waiting on Fedex to send a customs clearance and GST payment request.

We are continuing to add products to our direct ship program and convert stocked items to direct ship where it makes sense. Products that cannot be air freighted or are uneconomical to ship this way will continue to be stocked, including connectors/adaptors and many antennas.

Christmas Closure - We are closed until Jan 2 as mentioned in our last post, this is due to most couriers being closed or operating on skeleton staffing. In years gone by, we still shipped goods which then sat in depots for weeks, much to the frustration of customers.

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