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July Monthly Update

Firstly thanks to our patient customers waiting order shipment over the last two weeks. We were unable to get things out as fast as we wanted owing to frequent migraine attacks over a couple of days. Shipping of in stock items is back to the normal within 24 hours of order status now.


We are overstocked on 5DFB patch leads with N type connectors and have adjusted pricing to clear these out, same for a variety of Avair SWR meters. We also have some antenna specials on a shipment due this month, it you had already ordered one of these your order will be adjusted to reflect the special price. We also have the Nano-VNAs on special.

Product of the Month

The HF20A long wire has been around for a few years, ideal for QRP SOTA/POTA operations it does not need much height to work and offers low SWR across a variety of bands. Easy & quick to assemble

Availability Update

We received an Anytone shipment that was not the Plus II model but the older one, we have returned this but it does mean a delay to the arrival of the 878 Plus II stock unfortunately of two weeks. TYT and Kydera still TBA.

Surge Suppressors and speakers back in stock, as are a variety of assembled MMDVMs. Raspberry PI's continue to be in short supply.

Got a question about an item or order?

The best way to contact us is to use the chat facility, if we are not available your request is noted via email and goes into our system. If you leave you will get emailed a response. We find emails frequently end up in our junk folder. We try to update ETAs where we can but sometimes we don't have a clear date, with orders being held by China customs for no reason or shipping delays as they wait for a boat.

We do have a lot of stock in transit as we prepare for a busy period mid August onwards with Hamfests galore!

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