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Easter Update

Hamfest Activity - We hope to be at Redfest in Queensland this coming Saturday, we are waiting on confirmation from the club that it will be Ok to attend and leave early as we have another commitment @ Caloundra we need to get to by midday. Preorders would be helpful as we will have limited stock.

Avair Clearance - we have marked down all Avair stock to clear, get in quick for a bargain, as we are reluctantly discontinuing this brand owing to increased freight costs.

VNAs - SAA2 and DeepVNA in stock, rest should be here in two weeks.

Base Antennas - delayed but should be here before Easter

Mobile Antennas - sea shipment enroute arriving later this week, we hope to have then before Easter.

Anytone 878s in stock, 778s coming, our 578 back orders are coming in single shipments over the next few weeks as this trial was successfull, thank you for those who have been waiting, new stock for sale will be here late April albeit at a significant price rise.

Order fullfillment - we have had delays due to unexpected work requirements filling in for sick staff, hopefully next few days are clear do we can fill the backlog - all will go express post where possible.

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