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Firstly we wish all our customers a safe and happy Easter, we hope you get a chance to have a break!


Various parts of China are in lockdown or coming out of a 4 week lockdown and this is wrecking havoc on supply chains and freight. It will be a while before we get new Antenna stock as its too expensive to freight these from China at the moment. Here is what we have coming:

Anytone - Limited AT-6666 and 778 stock due late this week - preorders now open. No 878s until May now due lockdown.

PAC12/JPC7 HF Antennas arriving this week.

VNAs & SDRs - we now have these in their own sections on the website, we have updated models. Some VNAs arriving by Air soon, others 4 weeks. SDRs are all by air this week/early next week.

TYT - we have MD/UV380s coming and have a special preorder on them, others in May.

Hamfest Attendance

We will be at Newcastle (Westlakes ARC) next Saturday and Wyong May 1

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Wauchope Field Day preorder specials.

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Long weekend

Just a quick note that we have Friday off due to the Maleny Show holiday for the former Caloundra City area, back Monday when quite a few states have Kings Birthday Holiday.

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