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Back to business for our suppliers

Yesterday we attended Ballarat‘s hamfest, and had a great time. After suffering through a week of 32 degree plus days, it was quite surreal to be rolling into Ballarat and it’s cool 12 degrees at 9 O’clock. I thought the venue was good compared to the old one, catering could use some tweaks as I missed the bacon and egg burgers/rolls.

After the Christ break and lunar new year we are expecting suppliers to be back into full swing this week so we should get some idea of eta’s towards the end of the week, if was frustrating to not be able to place orders as suppliers could not accept them due to a lack of staff with Covid running rampant.

We still are suffering from transport issues which is affecting our productivity, working on improvements where resources allow. This Sunday we will be at the Sunshine Coasts club car boot sale, then back to Werribee on 5th March.

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