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UV98 professional APRS dual-segment positioning handbench, using standard APRS digital coding, can directly work independently without third-party network and third-party software support, directly send and receive positioning data through radio U/V signals, widely used in outdoor sports, events Security, rescue and other occasions.


Support U/V dual segment, A segment to send and receive positioning data, B segment voice call.

5W, full hand frequency, fast frequency adjustment

Support battery USB direct charging

Built-in temperature, air pressure, voltage and other auxiliary sensors

Support user independent firmware upgrade

APRS channel

APRS channel, voice channel arbitrarily set, A/B channel APRS, A/B channel voice

Support CH A to receive CH A transmission, CH A to receive CH B transmission (differential rotation), CH A to receive, A to send + B to send

Support CH B to receive CH B, CH B to receive CH A (differential), CH B to receive, A to send + B

Support off-network use, no network, direct mutual positioning


1.8-inch color display, Chinese and English menu

Support advanced GPS interface, beacon list interface, real-time beacon interface, beacon record analysis interface

APRS Track

Support fixed station FIXED, sports SPORT, 2 site modes

Support complete TRACK tracker, support intelligent, timing, PTT linkage, queue beacon

Support beacon additional information, mileage, satellite number, voltage, temperature, air pressure, etc.

Support mileage calculation, support accumulated mileage or automatically clear 0

Support for automatic icons (TRACK smart mode)


Built-in latest 2.0+4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth, compatible with Android, Apple

Support Bluetooth output KISS hex, UI, GPWPL, KISS ASC, GS232B and other protocols

Support Bluetooth output GPS data (GPRMC+GPGGA), support mixed output

Support Bluetooth KISS data bidirectional transparent transmission

Support streaming cloud, APRSdroid, LOCUS, Ovi and other APP

Support wireless Bluetooth setting parameters

APRS relay

Support full DIGI relay function, support custom relay name

Support relay channel A\B arbitrary forwarding

Support relay remote turn-off function


Built-in high-performance GPS\Beidou\GLONASS multi-mode hybrid positioning engine

APRS algorithm

Built-in advanced CMX hardware programming algorithm

Built-in 8-level digital level adjuster (both transmitting and receiving)

data analysis

Built-in large-capacity data storage, 100 beacon storage, viewing, intelligent sorting

Built-in advanced algorithm to support rich data analysis

Support heading, north position, relative motion position calculation

Support Maidenhead grid positioning system

Supports trigonometric calculations such as APRS distance, horizontal angle, and elevation angle

Support automatic tracking control of G5500 aircraft, ships, etc.


Remote control peripheral module sensor input and relay telemetry control module


Companion PC setup software (Chinese, English) (requires .NET 4.0)

HG-UV98 Professional APRS FM Transceiver Direct Ship

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