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Antenna Using Video:


- Amateur radio shortwave antenna

- Portable balcony outdoor telescoping antenna

- Multiple interfaces for input and output

- Realize full-band use when radios are powered by battery (battery is not included)

- Use self-designed second-generation air capacitor 10-330PF


- The antenna can be installed in a balcony, without dropping the line to the downstairs, only 6 meters from the balcony

- DKGP10 end-fed whip antenna 10 band 10th edition

- Focus on balcony erection (absolutely convenient in the field)

- Power 100w (80 meters to 6 meters)

- Telescoping rod is about 6 meters long (all pulled out), after being folded, the two sections are about 70cm each

- Frequency band (a bit too much) for balcony transmitting

- Receiving full band, can be used for SDR receiver, UV can also be received

- Easy setup and debugging

- This antenna end feed box is multi-purpose, and can be used as a field stand for connecting 10-20m wires.

Frequency Bands:

* 3.5-3.9Mhz, 80 meters, antenna is too short and not efficient

* 5.3305-5.3665Mhz, 60 meters

* 7-7.100Mhz, 40 meters

* 10.100-10168Mhz, 30 meters

* 14-14.350Mhz, 20 meters

* 18.068-18.168Mhz, 17 meters

* 21-21.450Mhz, 15 meters

* 24.890-24.990Mhz, 12 meters

* 28-29.700Mhz, 10 meters

* 51-53Mhz, 6 meters


The above bands can be realized by putting up the antenna on the balcony or in the field.

Package Included:

1. Telescoping Antenna × 1 (Two Sections)

2. End-Fed Antenna Tuner Box × 1

3. Flat Wire Ground Net×1

4. Cable Connecting End-Fed Box & Telescopic Rod ×1

5. 50-3 Feeder Line × 1

6. Instruction Manual×1


- Battery is not included.

- It is hand-made and there are scratches on PVC pipes. Please make sure that you don't mind before purchasing. Thank you!

- Other items pictured are not included, for demonstration purposes only.

DKGP10 HF Balcony Antenna

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