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Using PIC18F2520 MCU.

Automatic antenna tuning for shortwave radio, miniature automatic antenna tuner

Uses a 4-magnetic ring inductor design, which generates less heat than the original version.

Use HF32, 10A, HF33, 5A relays.

Using 6KV, high-voltage ceramic capacitors.

MAX, SSB 150W, CW, AM, FM 130W

It is recommended to use SSB not more than 150W for a long time.

Small size, 88*150*38mm.

1.9---54MHz (specifically affected by the length of the antenna and the degree of deviation of the standing wave).

Tuning impedance range: 5Ω~1.2KΩ





Supply voltage range: 10-15 VDC(center is +)

Maximum current consumption: 500 mA*

Maximum working power: 200 watts

Minimum power required to start tuning: 10W

Minimum measurable power: 0.1 watts

Measurement accuracy at power up to 10 watts: 0.1 watts

Measurement accuracy for power greater than 10 watts: 1 watt

Maximum installation inductance: 8.53μH

Minimum installation step of inductance: 0.05μH

Maximum installed capacity: 1869 pF

Minimum capacitance installation steps: 10 pF

Typical consumption 200-300 mA

Weight: 0.45kg.



Package includes:


1 x ATU-130 Plus Automatic Antenna Tuner

1 x Power cable

ATU130 Antenna Tuner (200W) Direct Ship

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