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W2FMI Series 4:1 Current Type (choke) 500 watts Balun characteristics

  • Custom 798 Factory High Efficiency Low Permeability Ferrite with Coated Seal
  • Choose special wire sizes to provide high-quality insulation as well as accurate impedance matching
  • Suitable for all-amateur frequencies
  • Lower SWR
  • Eliminates common common-mode currents and emissions from feeders
  • Reduce transmission RFI and receive noise
  • The insertion loss is less than 0.05 dB
  • SO-239 nickel-plated connector with waterproof gasket and TEFLON insulation (silver-plated optional -C)
  • High standard waterproof box, long-term UV resistance
  • Convenient mounting holes
  • High purity stainless steel hardware
  • Three-year warranty


 Features :

Part Number :      CQW-200005
Core Type :      Outstanding low permeability ferrite mix coated toroid core with special design for    maximum bandwidth by 798 Factory Product
Winding Type :      Single core/Dual wire
Winding Material :      Polyimide Coated Winding Wire(Essex ALLEX Class 240) provide exact impedance    matching and superb insulation, unlike common Thermaleze wire
Ratio :      4:1
Power Handling(CW/SSB) :      300 watts / 500 watts
Frequency Range :      1.8 to 54 MHz
Band of Operation :      160M - 6M
Insertion Loss :      Less than 0.05db
Termination Impedance :      200 Ohms
Termination Type :      M5 Studs/Hex nuts/Wing nuts
Connectors :      Gasketed SO-239 connectors are nickel-plated with Teflon insulation (option C silver    plated)
Hardware :      All Stainless Steel
Enclosure Type :      NEMA rated 4x junction box provide sturdy weatherproof and an additional level of    protection against corrosion
Dimensions :      3.2 in. x 2.5 in. x 1.6 in.
Additional :      Very high efficiency (98-99%)
Mounting Type :      Antenna Mounting Options are available in the Accessories section
Warranty :      Three years

4:1 Balun 500W

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