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Stock Update

Anytone stock is close, unfortunately they are being delivered by TNT who have industrial action over the next few days (, which will probably delay this even further. We are going to prepare orders today which will see a shipping email generated with tracking number, that way when they do arrive we can send them out in minutes. Please check the tracking number for actual postage date.

Hotspots and MMDVMs are arriving, we are waiting on 3.5” Nextion screens. Anytone 578s have gone cease sale and we won’t be selling these anymore owing to poor quality, failure rate is close to 30%. Retevis stock is in run out, with product going cease sale as well.

In general we are paying 300% more than normal for freight at the moment, not only is the cost 3x, so is the transit time. As a result we are not going to place further orders until early in the new year when things hopefully improve. Stock should be back to normal for the first hamfest at Werribee early Feb.

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